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Terror Town

Terror Town - James Roy Daley I wish I could give this good ratings but I can't. There was so much potential here only to have it squandered by trying to be everything to everybody. We have a deranged serial killer, unidentified new species, a bug like species that can turn people into vampires and a secret cavern under a house. So many themes to choose from. Someone needs to tell Mr. Daley that too much of a good thing (horror) can lead to junk.

Also...from a medical standpoint you can't keep someone in a cramped cage for 14 years. This person should be dead long before that from malnutrition, skin breakdown, infections, etc.

I did manage to finish this so it didn't get a one. A book has to be really horrible not to finish. I think Daley could have gotten 2-3 different books out of these themes but he tried to cram it all into one to the point that it didn't really make any sense. Also....the ending sucked.