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The First Days: As the World Dies - Rhiannon Frater

Lots of action, Lots of blood and guts. Missing was some explanation of what happened to unleash this hell. How did it start and if a terrorist attack then how did it seemingly happen in multiple places at once? Overall a good read though.

Castaways (Leisure Fiction)

Castaways - Brian Keene Cannibal pygmy missing links on a deserted island hunting contestants from a Survivor type reality show. Fun, Fun!

Day by Day Armageddon (A Zombie Novel)

Day by Day Armageddon - J.L. Bourne Loved it. Great zombie story. I have to read the next one to see if it explains why zombies are speeding up and retaining some ingrained memories!


Psycho - Robert Bloch Readable book but really not that scary. It hurts that everyone already knows how this turns out. It is a classic and I finally got it placed in the read column!

The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold Lovely story of a murder victim watching her family deal with her loss. It provides death to be peaceful. She describes the afterlife to be peaceful with no mention of religion.

Satan Burger

Satan Burger - Carlton Mellick III I tried to tough it out. I like a book that somewhat makes sense. This one does not.
Valley of the Scarecrow - Gord Rollo Somewhat disappointed in the unanswered questions and the unsound biology, anatomy and other scientific facts. The author took a few liberties too many for me.

Brain Cheese Buffet

Brain Cheese Buffet - Edward Lee Another piece of evidence that Lee is hit or miss as an author. I especially get put out over over the top southern accents and stereotypical white trash language and thought process. I really get the impression that Mr Lee has never even met anyone from the south or Appalachia yet he writes like he is an authority. These people are poor not out and out stupid. The situations are unbelievable and border on outrageous for the shock value only. Shock does not always equal good story!

Carnal Surgery

Carnal Surgery - Edward Lee Ed Lee is an acquired taste and his stories/novels can be hit or miss. Overall I enjoyed this collection of stories. Of course there were some that just did not make the cut but that is true in any short story collection.

All Hallows-E: Halloween Tales by Seven Masters of Terror

All Hallows-E: Halloween Tales by Seven Masters of Terror - Paula Guran,  Ray Bradbury,  William F. Nolan,  Al Sarrantonio,  John Shirley,  Peter Straub,  F. Paul Wilson,  Chelsea Quinn Yarbro A nice little collection of Halloween tales. I really enjoyed "Pork Pie Hat" by Straub.

Heart-Shaped Box: A Novel

Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill Very good debut novel. Winner of the Stoker. Tale of a man coming to grips with his not so pristine past. He is the victim of a vengeful ghost sold to him on Ebay! Great writing with only a few flaws. This was a page turner until the end. It actually had a little surprise at the end.


Velocity - Dean Koontz Easy read, good violence but the plot really makes no sense. I never did understand why the protagonist got his panties in a twist in the first place. Ok read but it was like most of Koontz's works...not that special.

Seven Slightly Sadistic Stories

Seven Slightly Sadistic Stories - Jeremiah Cress Average writing. Too short to develop any characters. Had potential if lengthened out.

The End - Visions of Apocalypse

The End - Visions of Apocalypse - N.E. White,  G.L. Lathian,  Igor Ljubuncic,  Pete McLean,  Tristis Ward,  Michael Aaron,  Liam Baldwin,  R.F. Dickson,  Wilson Geiger,  Norman Gray,  Hugh Howey,  Stephen B5 Jones,  Michael J. Sullivan I liked these stories. Most short stories can be hit or miss. Most of these were well written. I didn't read the last story as I am not into comic books. If I wanted to read a comic book, I would buy one.

Jennifer Government

Jennifer Government - Max Barry Bland. The characters were bland, the action was bland, the story was bland. This is a dystopian story about the over corporatization of the world. Of course the corporate world was made a villian as well as the NRA. There was also the cheering for big government that fuels the Left's world.

Interview With the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles)

Interview With The Vampire - Anne Rice Finally got around to marking this off my vampire to do list. While it depicted traditional vamps (not sparkly teeny-bopper vamps), it still was not a very horrific read. Louis is a frigging wimp for a vamp. There was too much emphasis on feelings and not near enough ghoulish vampirism. I doubt I will read more of the series.